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European standard steel sole labor protection work shoes men's thickened anti-smash, anti-puncture, anti-odor, construction site anti-static manufacturing safety shoes work safety shoes

Upper material: frosted cowhide
Color: black
Shoe size: 36-47
Function: anti-smashing, anti-puncture, anti-slip, anti-static
Toe cap material: European standard steel toe
Upper height: high top
Impact resistance: 200J
Pressure resistance: 15KN
Puncture resistance: 1100N
Scenario use: construction industry, machinery manufacturing industry, auto repair industry, welding industry
High-top safety boots, waterproof, anti-slip and anti-oil, 9cm widened European standard steel toe and thickened rust-free steel midsole, better protect foot safety. Multiple certifications, in line with international safety standards. Support customization, can add transparent rubber patches, anti-slip effect is more perfect

    Product information

    SHOE SIZE: 36-46
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    1.The measurement unit of the above data is mm.
    2.Step on the white paper and use a pen to mark the longest point before and after. The distance between two points is the correct foot length.
    3.If the size difference between the left and right feet is small, the data of he larger feet shall prevail.
    4.If the instep is high and the foot shape is wide and fat, it is recommended to choose a larger size; If the instep is flat and the foot shape is thin, it is recommended to choose a smaller size.
    5.The measured size should be approximately the same as usual. If there is a large deviation, the measurement method is incorrect or the data is not accurate enough.
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